Canon Rebel T3 (EOS 1100D) Starscape Gallery

Orion, Taurus, Jupiter, and Gemini (1 March 2013)

This is my first photo using the Rebel T3. This was a first night out and all that was originally planned was to mount the camera piggyback on my C8 and test the acquisition and imaging software (Backyard EOS).  

Canon Digital Rebel T3 (EOS 1100D)
1979 Celestron C8 on a Celestar 8 Mount
Drift Alignment, Tracking without Guiding
Acquisition with Backyard EOS 2.0.9
5 subs (60 sec., ISO 1600) Stacked using Registax
1 March 2013, 22:23 GMT, Viewing Conditions: Good,
-2 C, No Wind