Removable C8 Telrad Adaptor Page

Project Background and Requirements

The Telrad mounting plate is usually attached to a SCT optical tube with double sided tape. I wanted to use a Telrad zero power sight on my C8, but I didn't want to permanently attach the Telrad mounting plate with adhesive tape. I fabricated a bracket to attach the Telrad mounting plate to the C8 finder scope screw holes (below photo). The result is a removable Telrad mounting system that doesn't use adhesives. I can also quickly remove the Telrad mounting plate for installation on another telescope (for example my 10" truss tube Newtonian).

Telrad Adaptor

The below photos show the completed mounting bracket. The plastic Telrad mounting plate is screwed to a 2 cm x 2 cm square wood dowel (below left photo). A small section of right angle aluminum is screwed to each side of the wood dowel. A small strip of aluminum, bent to the same curvature as the bottom of the C8 finder scope bracket, sits below the right angle aluminum strips. This bent strip is drilled to fit the finder scope bracket screw holes and attached to the C8 and Telrad bracket using the original finder scope mounting screws.