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Welcome to Astronomyasylum.com

This web site is about the design and construction of homebuilt astronomical equipment and astrophotography. No special materials or exotic tools are necessary and constucting your own equipment is both economical and also very satisfying and fun. My goal in creating astronomyasylum.com is to share what I have learned while constructing astronomical equipment, which was often a combination of "trial and error" and Murphy's Laws.

Contact Information

I can be contacted at the e mail address found in the lower right corner of the top banner. Unfortunately I had to remove the direct e mail link due to too much spam.

Copywrite and Requests to Use Information from this Website

All materials on this website are copywrited. I am very willing to let others use the content and graphics on this website for educational or other non-commercial projects, but please ask before using; I have never refused a request to use written contents or original graphics. Due to recent unauthorized use of my equipment photos in on-line advertizements, I have begun watermarking my equipment photos. 

About Myself

I have been interested in astronomy for as long as I can remember. My first telescope was a toy 2" refractor and it started a life long interest in astronomy, science, engineering, and the natural world.  My interest in science was supported by my family and also a number of very talented  science teachers, giving me the encouragement and skills to pursue a technical career.  I have a Master of Science degree in engineering and am currently employed as a research engineer. 

I purchased a 10"
parabolic mirror in 1981 for about $100 and built my first Dobsonian style telescope. As sometimes happens, careers and family can displace hobbies, and I ended up taking a long break from astronomy. Several years ago I found my original telescope optics in a storage box and used them to build a truss tube style Newtonian telescope on a GoTo mount. As I rediscovered my interest in astronomy, other projects quickly followed. This website contains projects ranging from construction of simple accessories to building computer controlled telescopes and observatories. There are also beginner tutorials on topics ranging from telescopes to celestial motion, and all web pages contain links to a glossary.

It will be your own level of design and construction skills that ultimately determine if what you make is stylish, advanced, or just basic and functional-but you don't have to be a rocket scientist to build quality astronomical equipment.  I am an engineer, but my professional experience is in areas other than telescope design and optics. All I possess are basic tools and basic construction/woodworking skills. Out of necessity, the design theme running through this entire website is to Keep It Simple (KIS) and only use basic materials and tools.